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About Savour Fare

Based in Los Angeles, Savour Fare is the home of Kate, a working mom who is low on time but high on life. I hope this site helps you find ways to make your life richer, easier, more beautiful and more delicious. You can read more about me and the site here and feel free to email me with any questions or feedback!


April 2014
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Baked Scotch Eggs

When you are a working parent, each weekday can feel like a battle, and each working day, a war. Mornings are especially chaotic – the opening shots are fired at 5:45 am, when the alarm goes off (better – at least I can drink a cup of coffee in peace) or the toddler goes [...]

175* Recipes to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s three weeks into January. How are your new year’s resolutions going?

I’m making a concerted effort to cut down on sweet and starchy things in my diet. I know I have a crazy sweet tooth, and I’d love to get the best of that, so there have been lots of protein and [...]

In which I attempt to make Cronuts at home …

Have you heard about Cronuts? The creation of New York baker Dominique Ansel, they’re donuts made from croissant dough. And people are waiting in line for hours to get one, or buying them from scalpers for $40 apiece. I admit to being curious. Not so curious I’m going to fly to New York and wait in line for hours, or even head to one of the 3 or 4 bakeries in LA that are selling their versions. I’m also not so curious that I’m going to make croissant dough from scratch. I have a 13 month old. In the time it would take me to laminate dough, my house would probably be burned down around me. Or at least all the dog food would be eaten. And not by the dogs. HOWEVER, Trader Joe’s makes pretty darn good bake at home croissants. Have you tried them? They’re little frozen nuggets that you let rise overnight and then they bake into – maybe not the best croissants by Parisian standards, but some of the better croissants I’ve had in the US. My brainy idea was to proof these babies and then fry instead of bake. How hard could it be? I could make cronuts at home! I had visions of a $40 pastry empire. [...]

Little Flower Cafe’s Breakfast Egg and Vegetable Terrine

I live in the suburbiest of suburbia. Green lawns, swimming pools, sprinklers. People walk in my neighborhood – all the time – but they’re walking their dogs or taking a walk, rather than walking to something.

But even in the suburbiest of suburbia, we have our little neighborhood attractions. An elementary school is in [...]

Rhabarberkuchen or Rhubarb Coffee Cake

Rhubarb Kuchen I decided to celebrate with cake. I heard mention of a German dessert called “Rhabarberkuchen” somewhere on the interwebs, and immediately it summoned an image of a soft, yeasty cake topped by soft, tart rhubarb. A bit of googling made me decide to finish it off with a meringue. The result – a not-too-sweet coffee cake with a rhubarb tang which is perfect for teatime but just far enough on the spectrum from cake to bread that you don’t feel guilty eating it for breakfast (or Mother’s Day brunch.) [...]