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About Savour Fare

Based in Los Angeles, Savour Fare is the home of Kate, a working mom who is low on time but high on life. I hope this site helps you find ways to make your life richer, easier, more beautiful and more delicious. You can read more about me and the site here and feel free to email me with any questions or feedback!


April 2014
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Miso Pork Tenderloin with Apple Ginger Relish

Pork Tenderloin with Apple Ginger Relish

The holidays are over and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. I love the lights and the cookies and the carols and the cocktails and the feasting as much as (or more than) anyone else, but I admit to welcoming the calm space of January, when a little austerity doesn’t go amiss. In the new year, we are all looking for food that’s a little lighter and fresher.

Lighter and fresher doesn’t have to be less flavorful, however. In the last year I’ve made a dedicated effort to cook more with fruits and vegetables, and I’ve been thrilled with the flavor and variety they’ve brought to my diet. That’s why I’m pleased to be partnering with Opal Apples and Kitchen Play to bring you this fresh and flavorful recipe for the New Year.

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Fruttare Fruit Bars: the Bright Side of Summer {Sponsored}

Fruttare bars

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Mama Needs Some Mommy Juice {Sponsored}


Mommyjuice Wine

I think we’ve already established two important facts about me – 1) I like to drink wine and 2) I am not a snob about wine. When I was offered the chance to review MommyJuice wines – a new range of California wines, I was intrigued. The post is sponsored, but the opinions, photos, words, yada yada — that’s all me, baby. Oh, and please drink responsibly. And you probably shouldn’t read this if you’re under 21.
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My Dream Kitchen with Electrolux {Sponsored Post}



Tung Oil Stained Kitchen Table

When we moved into our current house, it had a very nice kitchen. Quartz countertops, cherry wood cabinets, matching blinds, built-in banquette, built in desk. It works perfectly well, but it’s not exactly my style.  It’s not in the budget right now, but a kitchen redesign is one of my top “wish-list” items for our house (I just wish I could get the husband on board.  The kitchen is really my domain, of course).   Daydreaming is one of my favorite ways to pass the time, so when Electrolux and the Clever Girls Collective asked me to write a sponsored post about my dream kitchen, I jumped at the chance.
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Picadillo Tacos with California Ripe Olives #kitchenplay

Picadillo tacos with California Olives

People usually associate Southern California with fields and fields of orange groves, but the area where I live was once covered with hundreds of olive trees! I have a remnant of this in my backyard, where a huge, beautiful olive tree provides shade. While many California olives go into olive oil, California is also the birthplace of those ripe, mild black olives we all know and love. I have many fond memories of olives gracing our family events, whether it’s a layer in the classic seven layer dip on the Fourth of July or a feature of the Thanksgiving relish tray (My grandmother used to entertain me by popping the black olives on her fingers. Haven’t we all done that?) When California Olives and Kitchen Play asked me to develop a recipe for National Taco Day, I welcomed the opportunity.

California Olives
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